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Conflict is simply the time and space where differences meet. Differences, however, are often immediately perceived as threats to our interests - even when no threat actually exists. 

healy cms understands workplace conflict

Differing personalities, perspectives, ideas, beliefs, and values in the workplace can be the catalyst for creativity. Yet, when mismanaged, they can become a significant source of negative tension, frustration, and anxiety among co-workers.

Debra Healy is an experienced paralegal, mediator, trainer, and facilitator

  • Debra has a B.S. in legal studies and a strong background as a paralegal in the area of employment law along.  She also has an M.S. in Conflict Analysis/Dispute Resolution and has studied Organizational Leadership at the doctoral level.  Debra's combination of education and years of experience as a paralegal, mediator, trainer, and facilitator means that she understands workplace conflict and is able to help you navigate its challenges and nuances toward resolution.  

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